Express Courier Europe

If you need a courier service, express or not, to deliver anything from the mainland UK to anywhere in Western Europe, we will be happy to deliver a highly professional and experienced service. In fact, we regularly take referrals from other UK-based delivery companies who cannot deliver to Europe and have customers needing this service.

For deliveries within the whole of the UK we can offer both same day and dedicated next day delivery between any two locations within the UK. Deliveries to most of Western Europe can be completed within 24 hours or a specified timescale depending on your requirements, and we can give you a fast estimate for express deliveries to any other location.

We offer:

  • Arrangement of all import/export documentation, commercial and non-commercial
  • Insurance to cover high-value items
  • Vehicle tracking on all our vans to ensure secure delivery

In Western Europe, roads and cities can be very different from the UK which is sometimes where other courier services can struggle. Here at Lynx Couriers, we are experienced and knowledgeable of the European roads and cities so that we can provide you with a fast and professional service.

For example, in Amsterdam all of the roads and buildings are extremely narrow. This means that when delivering for a house move you need to rent a mechanical lift to get furniture through detachable upper storey windows, and these lifts can only be in use for 45 minutes due to street access restrictions. Our knowledge as Express European Couriers is crucial – we know exactly what is needed to get your delivery to its final destination in time and with no fuss.

We have a range of vehicles in order to transport goods to Europe including our range of Courier vans. We have previously taken a 44-tonne artic lorry across the channel and a Fiat Ducato 5 litre low loader, which was specially designed for the delivery itself.

We have the experience and the facilities as an express courier service to transport high or low-value goods to Western Europe. We specialise in transporting medical items, vehicles, furniture, high-value art and other valuable tools or items.

Get in touch to arrange your express courier service between the UK and Europe.