Fiat 500

The cheeky original Fiat 500 has long been a passion of many people and is now in high demand and sought after by collectors and dealers.
Mainly now found as barn finds in Italy the safe transport of this classic is required and as you can see they fit safely into our vehicles.

This customer is a car collector in the UK, and moving this Fiat 500 is just one of the many jobs we’ve carried out for them. 

Originally this customer found us via a house move we carried out for him, and thereafter we’ve delivered a great many of his cars. This delivery took the Fiat 500 from Le Marche in Italy to Essex in the UK. 

There was no time constraint and the delivery took 2 days to complete, via the Euro Tunnel. 

We loaded the Fiat into a Mercedes Sprinter van and ensured it was well secured and safe – we’ve delivered a great many valuable cars and items and ensure they arrive in perfect condition. 

Fiat 500