This customer found us through their employer, who had used us in the past. They gave us a ring and asked for our help with a house move from Potters Barn in the UK to Amsterdam.  

Amsterdam is a beautiful city full of charm, narrow streets and homes sitting on the rivers. This brings its own logistical challenges however, and you have to be well prepared to deal with the specifics for moving large vans and furniture around this city. 

We needed to order the lift in Amsterdam, which assists moving furniture up to top storey flats and rooms in narrow streets. Stairways and hallways are too narrow to move furniture, but top windows come out to facilitate large items. 

The customer phoned us with less than 24 hours’ notice, and we arranged everything and delivered by the next day. In order to use the lifts in Amsterdam you are given just 45 minutes to empty the van as the streets are so narrow that you block off access, so we had limited time to complete the delivery. 

From door to door the whole house move took 9 hours. 

Everything went very smoothly, and we’ve since done quite a few more moves for this customer. 

Amsterdam Lift